The story so far!

After a great number of different patterns and materials I produced the first Organic Cotton Face Scrubbies.

Once I started down this road other products soon appeared…

I tried shower puffs to replace the plastic netted puffs in the shops. This was not a hugely successful product as it took too long to dry out and also meant that the customer was still using a plastic bottle for the shower gel.

I started using natural soap and so made a soap sock. These were an instant success.

Organic Hemp was another material mentioned to me by a customer and so I experimented with different patterns to make a dish scrubber. These were very successful.

I now create Dish Cloths, Face Cloths Soap Socks, Face Scrubbies, Dish Scrubbies and will create any design asked.

If you have anything you would like made I can probably make it for you. I enjoy a challenge.

Organic and Recycled

When I started out I was using 100% cotton thinking this was good practice. They were fresh and clean, being white, and washed well.  But researching cotton production (not good) I decided I needed to go Organic.

This is not an easy task either. Finding a stockist of organic cotton yarn was a challenge.

I now use two producers of Organic Cotton:

Debbie Bliss Eco Baby has GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard ) certification. This ensures that the cotton is farmed and grown in an ethical, fair trade manner, throughout every process. In addition, only special dyes specifically created for use with certified organic cotton, which are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-allergenic are used in the manufacture of Eco Baby.

FibroNatura Cottonwood. A fully certified eco-yarn through all phases of production, down to its packaging, this wonderfully soft organic cotton is dyed to EKO organic dye standards.

Earthly Stitches uses recycled and used yarns for other products such as the bowls.

We plan to use recycled fabrics for other projects in the pipeline.

Watch this space!