I know that some people have never donated through’Just Giving’ so here is a step by step guide…


1. Click the NHS Charities Together Logo to access the ‘Just Giving’ page



 2. You will see this page. You can then click the ‘DONATE’ button as shown.

3. You will see that there is £30 in the amount box.

4. You can then highlight the £30 and change it to the value of your choice…£2.00 is the minimum

5. You then have the choice of adding a donation to the ‘Just Giving’ platform. It is set at £1 but it is optional.  You can change the amount or remove the amount by clicking on the drop down list. Choose £0.00 if you would like to opt out.

6. You then have an option of leaving a message but you can skip this part.  It would be good do not hide your name so that we know you have donated.

If you have problems with accessing the Charity page or any of the process then please feel free to contact us

We thank you in advance.