I am sure you have all seen the Blue Heart campaign to help raise money for the NHS charities.


After much trial and error, myself and a friend Angie Richards,

both living in Coverack in Cornwall, came up with a crochet heart design.


It represents the constant support the NHS provides.


We are asking for a minimum donation of £2

Donate by clicking on the logo below, the money will go straight to the charity through the ‘Just Giving’ page.


Then go to the shop and checkout the heart for £0 in the shop in the usual way.

All we ask is for you to pay for the postage.



If you have never used “Just Giving” then I have put together a Step by Step guide here:




This project is in its infancy and we would love for it to gather some momentum

so if there are any crafters with an idle hook that would like to join in making them,

then just contact us.